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…Sick of falling asleep on your textbook only to wake up and realize that you’ve drooled a hole through the page and everyone around you is looking at you and giggling?!?


Then you need a Spiritual Study Break!!!!


        Several Sundays during the semester, explore your Faith and Spirituality with other students. 

        Sessions will consist of open discussion, with possible guiding questions, organized and facilitated by and for students. 

        Topics/discussion questions will be dictated by those present. 

        Some possible questions may include:  How do you see God in your life?  Where do you struggle with seeing God in your life?  How does God fit into a college campus setting?


Tentative Dates: Oct. 16, 30; Nov. 27; Dec. 11

Location: St. Thomas Aquinas Student Center, across from the Chem building

 (Meeting in back room @ 5pm)

email for more info

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