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UConn - Tom's Leadership Council
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TLC Goals for Spring 2005

-Slow down-- be in awe of one another; seek God in others; respect, learn from,
 and appreciate each other.
-Be a gift for one another.
-Be open to change, don't be afraid of new experiences.
-Appreciate and be interested in diversity.
-Seek to include and accept everyone.
-Have balance in your life.
-Embrace your faith.
-Come together in the common ground of TLC to remind each other and be an   example to each other of how to act and love in a Christian way.

TLC Goals for Fall 2005

  • Take advantage of every opportunity to serve other people.
  • Use different approaches to come together with a shared purpose of being people of faith and expressing it to others (faith through action).
  • Be a support group with the entire community - be welcoming and make people feel comfortable.
  • Build awareness of how God works through everyone.
  • Remind each other of goals through organized discussion.
  • Stress the spiritual aspect of our group - students lead discussion and reflection on prayers and their feelings.
  • Grow in faith and be relaxed.
  • Foster a relationship with the parish community by including them in some events.
  • Understand the we are people outside of TLC and that we must take our goals and valuse and apply it to an individual level.
  • Understand everyone's differences by being open minded. ALso go a step beyond this by trying to truly share in other's different experiences.
  • Get whole campus involved.

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