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By Isabel Puzio

On Saturday, November 13, several students from St. Thomas Aquinas were able to participate in a university “Month of Kindness” event – the Thanksgiving Luncheon for AIDS patients.  Although the event occurred on Saturday, preparation began much earlier.  In the beginning of the week, students met at the church center to design and craft centerpieces for the tables that were later taken home as prizes, along with two beautiful hand-knit scarves, for several lucky guests.  The cooking was completely done by student volunteers!  While some volunteers spent their Friday afternoon learning the art of turkey-basting and potato-mashing, other students crafted holiday cards for the AIDS patients. 

Finally, on Saturday morning, students met at St. Thomas for some last-minute cooking and then headed over to St. Iglesia Church in Windham, CT, where the food was heated up and served.  Hors’d’oeuvres, a large, delicious Thanksgiving meal, and pies for dessert were enjoyed by all.  Colleen Morris played the flute during the event to enhance the delightful atmosphere.  The guests truly seemed to enjoy the food and appreciate our presence, as well as the opportunity to socialize and get to know UConn students.  There was enough leftover food, after the guests and volunteers ate, for us to donate to Holy Family shelter on our way back to campus.  This was a wonderful event; if you like food and friendship, be sure to sign-up next year!