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UConn - Tom's Leadership Council

October 2005 Newsletter

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TLC's Newsletter for October 2005

Welcome Back BBQ
By Kelly Almeida
The Welcome Back BBQ was a huge success. New and returning students enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, watermelon and chips. Students were able to go to mass, and soon after they fed thier spiritual selves, there were able to munch on some appetizing foods. The food and company was great. Everyone had a good time talking and meeting new people. It was a fun way to start the year off right.


What is TLC? (Not the musical group)
By Kelly Almedia
Tom's Leadership Council (a.k.a. TLC) is a student organization on campus that encourages Christian fellowship and student leadership. We do this by the three S's: Spiritual, Service and Social. We gro in our faith by enriching our spiritual life through prayer and faith sharing with other students at our bi-weekly meetings. TLC hosts a veriety of events that focus on providing outreach to communities both on and off campus, such as Boston City Reach and visiting the residents of Mansfeild Rehabilitation Center. We emphasize the social aspect by meeting new people and enjoying the fellowship with one another. Besides having fun doing service in a big group, we plan trips and activities just to have fun together as a group. like apple picking in Ellingotn in October and the Festival of Lights in Springfeild, MA, around Christmas time. Everythign we plan gives people the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills. TLC is unique in that beyong being a UConn student organization, it is also associated with St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel. which provides the organization with supposrt from the pastoral staff and the parish community.

TLC Mini-Retreat
By Sarah Vincent
On Friday, September 16th, students gathered together at St. Thomas' Student Center to take part in the TLC Mini-retreat. This year's theme was "United Under One". The eveningwas filled with spiritual activities as well as games in which students got to know each other better. The retreat began with an opening prayer, followed by a few icebreakers. Students first shared a little bit about themselves to the whole group and then in a second activity, people worked with one another to see what they had in common. We then got to enjoy a wonderful meal while conversing with eachother. After dinner we came together in a group again and read the passage, " The Coming of the Holy Spirt." Students then went around in a circle, lighting a candle and saying something that they bring to the group. We then split up into small groups and discussed this passage in how it related to us as Catholics as well as ways that we can unite as one with other students. Students came back to the whole group and talked about what they thought, and then the group together brainstormed ideas for new goals for TLC this fall. We ended together with closing prayers and those who wished to, got to decorate and make a fun craft with a prayer cut-out in either a picture frame or on a door sign. Overall this was a great experience for people to get to know other students and shre in bonding and spiritual activities with one another.

New Student Bowling
By Katie Dobbins
On Saturday, September 10th a number of new and old TLC members went bowling at Willi Bowl. First everyone met at the center for a refreshing BBQ lunch of hamburgers, chips, and numerous othre goodies. Once everyone had eaten their fill, we piled into cars for the trip down to the bolwing ally. It was an excellent time for everybody. No matter what skill level, everyone shared an afternoon of fun and laughter. After the games were complete it was back to the Center to hand out some lovely prizes and goodie bags. Indeed, it was a fun-filled afternoon of bonding for everyone!


An Interview With Fr. Paul
By Kaite Dobbins
This past week I had the honor of interviewing our new pastor, Fr. Paul Sullivan, S.J. Originally from Fall River, Mass, he want on to graduate from Hold Cross College. Both before and after he was ordained he taught history and was an administrator at two high schools. He comes to us after spending most of the last fourteen years as a pastor in Maine.
Anything that you'd like to say?
Everyone is part of this parish, students and families together. All parishinoners should learn from each other and build bridges. The church is not an institution or something within itself, for it is the people tht community that makes it what it is. Everone's gifts matter. All are welcome!
What made you become a priest?
The people I met at Holy Cross College.
Have you traveled to any interesting places?
Not to very many places because I was busy being a pastor, but two places stick out in my mind: Scotland and the Island of Iona. Edinburgh is always an interesing place with its festivals and Iona was the anciet seat of Christianity in Great Britian. iona is a plave where it almost seems that the spiritual and the physical worlds meet.
Do you have any hobbies?
Yes, I have a few. I love to cook and eat, but I like it best when i cook for others. Gardening is another favorite of mine. Lastly, I love to read. I find the Harry Potter series enjoyable (I have yet to rest the sixth book, though)
Any other interests?
I've been involved with the community thearter for about twelve years back in Eastport, ME. I assumed numerous roles in it for an actor to a producer. We did all sorts of plays: musicals, comedies, Shakespeare, and so on. I don't have one favorite play. but i like Fiddler on the Roof and Shakespeare's The Tempest. The role of Prospero in the Tempest is one of my favorites; the epilogue of the play is very powerful.
Welcome to St. Tom's FAther Paul! We look forward to learning from you this year!

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